Mr. Cox is an accomplished entrepreneur growing best-in-class companies for over 19 years, including building a company of over 1,300 employees. He began his career in telecom in 2004 when he founded his first prepaid telephone company (CLEC), which, through organic growth and acquisition, became the largest prepaid home phone company in the country before being sold in 2009. Since then, Mr. Cox has taken his company and vision to NASDAQ in 2021 with the goal of creating the country’s largest distribution network of telecom and financial products to convenience stores.

Social awareness and corporate responsibility are foundational to our business model of providing access to the internet and wireless and financial services to our country’s underbanked markets. Our wireless and fintech revenue ultimately results from helping both local retail business owners and low-income customers. We strive to find efficiencies and continue to develop products and services to scale revenue and reap the rewards of knowing we have provided essential services to 100,000s households previously overlooked and underserved. SurgePays is making a difference nationally in the communities that need it the most.

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