Merchant Program Solutions

Dynamic and user-friendly POS solutions.

All of our merchants are equipped with the best and most secure technology; whether it’s a countertop type terminal, web-based portal or Android App, all of these options are available to accommodate your needs.

Our technology offers real-time return processing, user friendly and detailed reporting such as weekly and daily reports, clerk usage, refund tool, administrative options and most importantly – your profits!

Why Surge Payment Systems?

The Platform:


Choose Your Devices

Surge Payment Systems provides three platform and terminal options for you to choose between for your business: a simple to use web terminal, a physical processing terminal, or our app-based system for use on Android devices.

Easy To Manage

Simply select your product and payment denomination, collect customer payment, and choose whether or not to e-mail or print their receipt.

Useful Features

We offer a real time sales dashboard, historic reporting, refund request tools, and customer support, all in a simple-to-use Surge Pays System.

The Benefits:


Top Selling Products

International Top Ups, Pinless, Wireless Recharge, Wireless RTR, Long Distance, and Activations.

Fast Payments

Don’t wait for a month to get paid. We offer instant commissions for retailers.

Merchant Support:


We're Here To Help

Discover why businesses of all sizes choose Surge Payment Systems. Our customer support team is always available by phone, e-mail, live chat, or through text / sms to answer any questions you may have.

Have A Suggestion?

We’re always looking for ways to expand our product line and to improve our offerings. If you have an idea or request for anything, simply let us know!

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