Surge ISO Sales Program

We proactively assist ISO networks and organizations of all sizes to achieve their goals and expand business. Our emphasis is on service with dedicated reps and decades of experience servicing ISOs, merchants and understanding the unbanked customer market.

There are an estimated 77mil prepaid/no-contract wireless customers in the USA today with projections pushing this number to 93mil by 2019. They need a place to pay.

  • Cutting Edge Software
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support
  • Blockchain Reliability

Partner With Surge

Our software is scaled from the ground up with a CEO perspective that ensures ease of use, functionality and useful reporting. We take pride in the reliability and accuracy of our platform and support staff.

ISO Program Highlights:

  • Weekly Commissions
  • Dedicated Sales Support Rep
  • Electronic Merchant Contract Process
  • Efficient Merchant (Same Day) Onboarding
  • Multi-level Reporting For Layered Sales Organizations
  • Real Time Reporting Back Office
  • Free POS Marketing Materials
  • Your Success Is Our Success

Dynamic Processing Solutions

Our ISOs are equipped with 3 options to ensure that no store is off limits from getting a deal done. Surge offers a merchant’s choice of web based portal, countertop terminal or Android App. In addition, our technology offers real-time return processing, user friendly reporting detail such as daily reports, clerk activity, refund tool, administrative options and more importantly – easy to see profits!

Top Prepaid Carriers, The Bestselling Product Categories, and Brands.