About SurgePays

SurgePays is a wholly owned subsidiary of Surge Holdings – a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol SURG. For more information about Surge Holdings Inc, please visit SurgeHoldings.com

SurgePays Platform connects manufacturers directly to the endpoints of sale – corner stores, convenience stores, bodegas and tiendas. These manufacturers include everything from our own technology products such as SurgePhone Free Wireless Service (SIM Starter Kits or Androids), Gift Cards to Wireless Top-ups, CBD products, bagged snacks, processed meats/jerky, t-shirts and so on – all vetted high volume sellers to the c-store customer.

Our leadership goes back to the original days of prepaid home telephone service and cards….all the way through the wireless evolution until now. We know how to address the needs of our target market….the stores, communities, and customers.